How to be more productive and pursue your passions — Embrace the morning

In this article I will teach you the simple change I made to my daily routine and learnt how to be more productive.

Like a lot of people I am finding it harder and harder to pursue my own projects and interests. I have a full-time job which can be very demanding, I have two young children which can be even more demanding!

After a long day in the office then coming home and spending time with the family, sorting out dinner and so on, there never seems to be time left over for anything else and those personal projects and interests are put off for another day!

I have been looking for a way to solve this dilemma and so recently I decided to try a little experiment and extend my morning time by getting up earlier every day, one hour earlier to be exact.

Now this may sound horrendous to a lot of people, but let me tell you in just a few short weeks of sticking to this routine I have managed to get so much more achieved.

I tend to find mornings to be the most productive time of my day. My head is clear from a good nights sleep, I feel energized and eager to get things done.

That extra hour I get in the morning is pure ‘me’ time. No kids running around asking me for things, no phone calls, no emails or Slack messages popping up in my notification area. It’s all me me me me me…

Plan Your Morning

When I get up in the morning I already know exactly what I will be doing. I am not waking and spending the first part of my morning deciding what to do. Having a plan in place is vital to getting the most productivity from your extra time.

One hour extra per day may not sound like a lot but the truth is without the usual daily distractions and with a little planning you can get a lot done in that hour.

My Morning Routine

My morning routine has evolved slightly over the weeks into what I think is an efficient way for me to spend my time. The beauty is its simplicity.

Once my alarm rings I am straight up and out of bed. Trust me don’t play the “just 5 more minutes” game, you’re simply starting off on the wrong foot!

I spend my first 10 to 15 minutes making a coffee and grabbing a bite to eat. After that I move straight to the computer and start working on my projects or whatever task I had planned for that morning. 

The tasks I work on tend to vary. I maybe doing some web development work, maybe I am working on my writing or doing some trading analysis. Whatever it is that I am doing that morning, planning is key. I am not wasting any time deciding what to do. I have a plan and I stick to it.

Once my extra hour of me time is up, I slide right back into what was my previous routine. Wake the kids, sort out their breakfast, hit the shower, off to school and off to work — they are all non the wiser that I have already been up, been working and been productive.

The Results

After a few weeks of following my new routine I have to say I love the results I am seeing.

productive and creative

I have found that this extra hour of uninterrupted time turns out to not only be my most productive but also my most creative time of the day, which was a pleasant surprise.

The Take Away

Altering your morning routine just a little can really have a big payoff and all it takes is a little planning and willpower.

Go ahead and give it a go for yourself. See that a small change to your daily morning routine can really make a big difference.

I hope you found this article useful and inspirational and will make a positive difference in your life — Mathew

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