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Mathew Taylor

My name is Mathew (that’s me over there on the right) and this is my website for sharing my knowledge on BloggingSearch Engine Optimization (SEO), and Website Marketing.

The idea for the site came to me while I found myself reading website after website about blogging and SEO. I wanted to learn how to promote websites online and make money. However I realised I was reading a lot of information on different things but wasn’t actually taking any action. One day I asked myself “what in the world am I doing?“. It was at that point I decided to create this website and to learn by doing rather than just reading.

Here will share my experiences, ideas and knowledge that I have learnt through my many years of working online.

The Blogging Nectar Name & Logo

Blogging Nectar JarWhen I started off blogging I soon realised it’s not as simple of just setting up WordPress and adding a few posts! There are many layers to blogging effectively, efficiently and successfully. By this I mean to create a good blog with quality content is not easy and there are many different areas that must be covered to be successful.

The Blogging Nectar Jar represents the many layers that go into running a successful blog. Topics such as quality content, SEO, social marketing, website hosting, analysis and many many more…

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